Hodei Technology, LLC Receives GoGlobal Grant from Indy Chamber

The Indy Chamber recently awarded the GoGlobal Export Acceleration Grant to Hodei Technology to lessen business and marketing costs as they pursue new customers in international markets. The GoGlobal grants assist by reducing barriers to the global market, and encouraging companies to look abroad for business growth. Hodei will use its GoGlobal grant to continue and expand its promising opportunities in Canada with its secure, remote communications solutions for the medical market. Hodei will build capacity for more aggressive outreach and marketing efforts to public health agencies and providers, as well as refining a distribution strategy. The company will also investigate the potential of Australia as a longer-term opportunity. https://indychamber.com/news/indy-chamber-news/indy-chamber-announces-goglobal-grants-irecord-mm-competitive-engines-hodei-technology-helmer-scientific-earn-funding-export-act/