Hodei Technology, LLC Receives Positive Feedback From Canada Health System

Hodei Technology, LLC is working with the Glass team to offer an innovative way to use Glass in healthcare. As one of only 12 Glass Partners world-wide, Hodei developed a proprietary and patented use for Glass Enterprise Edition, HCview GEMINI™ first-person POV® system. GEMINI works with Glass technology to provide real-time, HIPAA compliant, two-way audiovisual collaboration between medical professionals to oversee or direct patient care. This innovative assisted reality platform will help improve access to healthcare in remote communities by permitting live on-demand connectivity to provide real-time medical expertise when needed. The system is also optimized for low-bandwidth networks and integrates data and video from medical devices such as ultrasound, stethoscope, fluoroscope and others. Dr. Ivar Mendez and his team in the Saskatoon Health Region of the Canadian Province of Saskatchewan have evaluated the HCview GEMINI™ system for the past several weeks and are convinced that point-of-care diagnosis and treatment will be transformative in the delivery of health care. In a brief customer story discussing the value of Glass, Dr. Mendez says their “initial experience in primary and specialized health care delivery is very promising as the platform is user friendly, provides stable connectivity and has so far great acceptance by health care providers and patients.” Hodei is continuing to partner with Saskatchewan as well as other Provinces in Canada to expand the reach of the HCview GEMINI™ system. “We are pleased our technology solutions are receiving such good reception in each of the Canadian Provinces we have been working with on trial and deployment,” said Guy Mascaro, CEO Hodei Technology. HCview GEMINI™ has the opportunity to help health authorities in Canada and around the world make additional progress in equalizing the disparity in access to quality care. Beginning in late 2018, Hodei has plans to expand into similar marketplaces globally (e.g. Australia, Greenland, Iceland) as well as help to address the rural health and growing homecare needs in the United States.