The power of seeing things from another person’s perspective is the foundation from which we built our suite of HCview products. HCview offers a unique remote telepresence experience.

Whether you are directing care, providing guidance or teaching from a remote location, being able to see from the actual visual perspective of the person performing a hands on task makes all the difference - improving outcomes for all involved.

The telepresence solution of the future is available now.

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HCview GEMINI™, featuring first-person POV™ technology, was designed to provide a highly mobile, HIPAA compliant, real-time two-way audiovisual collaboration tool that can be used by medical professionals to oversee or direct care in rural, remote or mobile settings.

A variety of healthcare delivery organizations deploy GEMINI to enhance quality of care by having live on-demand connectivity with an expert when needed. GEMINI is deployed in remote/rural clinics, home health care agencies, Long Term Care facilities, ambulance companies, and remote field service companies. There is a GEMINI solution to fit your telepresence needs.

Improve Expert Time Management

Efficient use of your organization's experts by enabling them to support multiple colleagues remotely.

Expand Patient Care Team

Provide a higher level of medical acuity decision making anywhere when needed.

Reduce Unnecessary ER visits and Re-admittance

Mitigate overutilization of services (e.g. Medical Transport) or needless readmission due to lack of expertise at remote locations.

User Friendly

Anyone can easily deploy and use GEMINI. Focus on the patient, not cumbersome technology.



HCview IKASI™, featuring multi-feed, first-person POV™ technology, was designed to provide a highly mobile, HIPAA compliant, real-time, two-way audiovisual, multi-participant platform for remote coaching, mentoring and training.

Virtual Training Environment

A virtual preceptorship anytime. Let your customers or employees learn by seeing from the first hand perspective of the client.

First-Person POV

Regardless of surgical specialty, we deliver that surgeon's point-of-view so that remote participants feel that they are looking over his/her shoulder.

Global Reach

The world at your fingertips! Viewers around the globe can securely participate in a high quality learning experience.

Better Use of Valuable Resources

Reduce your need to fly your important KOLs and employees everywhere to oversee live surgical training or clinical trials. They are too valuable a resource to have sitting in an airport.

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Determinants of health are influenced by political, social, and economic conditions; those circumstances often lead to health care inequalities. The World Health Organization identifies healthcare access as a key determinant of health due to the profound impact it’s absence can have on health outcomes. This is especially relevant to vulnerable populations living in remote areas of the Canadian North.

We have partnered with Hodei Technology to use its innovative HCview GEMINI solution featuring Glass Enterprise Edition to improve access to health care in remote northern communities of the Canadian Province of Saskatchewan. We are currently testing the use of Glass to deliver real time medical expertise to these communities.

Our initial experience using Glass Enterprise Edition in primary and specialized health care delivery is very promising as the platform is user friendly, provides stable connectivity and has so far great acceptance by health care providers and patients. We are convinced that point-of-care diagnosis and treatment will be transformative in the delivery of health care in general but will be vital for remote, underserviced populations with limited access to health care. Ultimately, technologies such as HCview GEMINI with Glass Enterprise Edition will help to narrow the gap of inequality in health care delivery at a global level.

Dr. Ivar Mendez is the Fred H. Wigmore Professor and Unified Head of the Department of Surgery at the University of Saskatchewan and Saskatoon Health Region. As a world-renowned expert in neurosurgery, stem cells and robotics, Dr. Ivar Mendez is a pioneer in the fields of brain repair and telemedicine.

Our Leadership

Guy Mascaro


Guy sets the vision and drive behind Hodei Technology. He is a visionary in the field of behavior change methodologies through disruptive innovative approaches.

Guy is a veteran of the healthcare system with over 27 years of hospital, pharmaceutical, and healthcare management experience. With an expertise in marketing and training, he has been a successful serial entrepreneur over the last 12 years launching - two successful medical and scientific communications companies and a non-profit standards organization.

Mike Miles

Chief Financial Officer

Mike has broad experience in corporate finance having served as CFO or financial advisor for nine high-growth health care and health care information technology (HCIT) companies. He is well-known by institutional investors, VCs, strategic acquirers and private equity across the country.

Over the last thirty years, Mike’s experience ranged from pharma, clinical trials, CROs, care management, medical devices, electronic ordering; and of course, tele-presence.

Mark Gamache


Mark is the technical brains and brawn behind the quality and genius of the products we bring to market.

He is a phenom in the technical and internet world with over 20 years of experience - successfully leading teams that have produced everything from immersive interactive applications to large scale consumer mobile applications and websites. In addition to his extensive experience working with healthcare and pharma companies, Mark also has experience building and supporting enterprise software used globally for Fortune 1000 companies.

Kim Scheid

Chief Admin. Officer

Kim is the catalyst within the organization making great things happen efficiently and effectively.

She has amassed an array of healthcare experience on the client and agency sides of the business in medical devices and pharmaceuticals, both globally and domestically across a Fortune 500 company and start-up entrepreneurial adventures. Her passion is finding solutions to challenges and building high-performing teams. Her 20+ year career includes strategic consulting, business development, account management, operations, marketing, organizational excellence, and project management with her results oriented approach expanding the value promise across any phase of the business operations.

Dan Murnane

EVP, Business Development

Dan has 39 years of sales, account and leadership experience.

He assists with and helps oversee Hodei Technology’s sales force activities - setting sales goals, monitoring sales attainment and developing the sales team. Mr. Murnane also provides assistance negotiating client contracts.


Google Glass Isn’t Just for Remote Scribes

(Healthcare Informatics.) August 22, 2017

Hodei Technology named Glass Partner

(Mountainview, CA) July 18, 2017

Hodei Technology, LLC Receives Positive Feedback From Canada Health System

(Indianapolis, IN) July 18, 2017

Hodei Technology, LLC is working with the Glass team to offer an innovative way to use Glass in healthcare. As one of only 12 Glass Partners world-wide, Hodei developed a proprietary and patented use for Glass Enterprise Edition, HCview GEMINI™ first-person POV® system. GEMINI works with Glass technology to provide real-time, HIPAA compliant, two-way audiovisual collaboration between medical professionals to oversee or direct patient care. This innovative assisted reality platform will help improve access to healthcare in remote communities by permitting live on-demand connectivity to provide real-time medical expertise when needed. The system is also optimized for low-bandwidth networks and integrates data and video from medical devices such as ultrasound, stethoscope, fluoroscope and others. Dr. Ivar Mendez and his team in the Saskatoon Health Region of the Canadian Province of Saskatchewan have evaluated the HCview GEMINI™ system for the past several weeks and are convinced that point-of-care diagnosis and treatment will be transformative in the delivery of health care. In a brief customer story discussing the value of Glass, Dr. Mendez says their “initial experience in primary and specialized health care delivery is very promising as the platform is user friendly, provides stable connectivity and has so far great acceptance by health care providers and patients.” Hodei is continuing to partner with Saskatchewan as well as other Provinces in Canada to expand the reach of the HCview GEMINI™ system. “We are pleased our technology solutions are receiving such good reception in each of the Canadian Provinces we have been working with on trial and deployment,” said Guy Mascaro, CEO Hodei Technology. HCview GEMINI™ has the opportunity to help health authorities in Canada and around the world make additional progress in equalizing the disparity in access to quality care. Beginning in late 2018, Hodei has plans to expand into similar marketplaces globally (e.g. Australia, Greenland, Iceland) as well as help to address the rural health and growing homecare needs in the United States.

Hodei Technology, LLC Receives GoGlobal Grant from Indy Chamber

(Indianapolis, IN) June 12, 2017

The Indy Chamber recently awarded the GoGlobal Export Acceleration Grant to Hodei Technology to lessen business and marketing costs as they pursue new customers in international markets. The GoGlobal grants assist by reducing barriers to the global market, and encouraging companies to look abroad for business growth. Hodei will use its GoGlobal grant to continue and expand its promising opportunities in Canada with its secure, remote communications solutions for the medical market. Hodei will build capacity for more aggressive outreach and marketing efforts to public health agencies and providers, as well as refining a distribution strategy. The company will also investigate the potential of Australia as a longer-term opportunity.

Hodei Technology, LLC Awarded State Incentives to Expand Technology Business in Indiana

(Indianapolis, IN) September 9, 2016

Hodei Technology, a technology company delivering mobile telepresence solutions worldwide, has recently confirmed their plan to maintain their corporate headquarters in Indiana. As such, the State of Indiana has awarded Hodei with the Economic Development for a Growing Economy (EDGE) Tax Credit supporting job creation, capital investment and improving the standard of living for Indiana residents. In addition, Hodei will receive the Skills Enhancement Fund (SEF) grant to offset training costs and upgrading skills of employees required to support the new growth. Both grants will be used as a catalyst for upcoming business growth.

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